Miracles Do Happen! 

It’s not unusual to see prayers and miracles being answered at the Beachview.  From the beginning, I have been amazed at how these so-called coincidences, which I call miracles, happen on a regular basis. 

From three breast cancer patients showing up at the Beachview on the same weekend, each in different stages, one in discovery, one in treatment and one in remission, to the teenager who wanted to go to a particular college.  It had been his dream for a long time.  While at Beachview with his mom, the recruiter for that college just happened to be there as well!  Or just that one person who stopped by for a cup of coffee and walked out feeling loved and appreciated. 

Speaking of miracles, in 2007, I moved to Tybee.  I walked by the Hunter House (as it was then known) at least twice a day.  Each time I felt that old house was calling my name.  In fact, I told my friends and family that I could hear her calling me.  Then I made a crazy offer, falling on my knees and asking God if it was the next step in my journey.  Not a lot of money, yet a hard worker and a person with sheer determination.  My offer was accepted and the restoration began.  I felt that as long as loving and living was the cornerstone of my business, it would work! 

Ten years later, yes, it has been an enormous amount of work.  Did I question myself?  Yes, I did, but God did not and it has been a blessing to me and many others.  From the new lifelong friends I’ve met to the old friends, I’ve shared my dreams and goals with; long talks on the porch and lots of laughter and tears.  Miracles keep happening one happy guest at a time.