Miracles Do Happen! 

Miracles Do Happen! 

It’s not unusual to see prayers and miracles being answered at the Beachview.  From the beginning, I have been amazed at how these so-called coincidences, which I call miracles, happen on a regular basis. 

From three breast cancer patients showing up at the Beachview on the same weekend, each in different stages, one in discovery, one in treatment and one in remission, to the teenager who wanted to go to a particular college.  It had been his dream for a long time.  While at Beachview with his mom, the recruiter for that college just happened to be there as well!  Or just that one person who stopped by for a cup of coffee and walked out feeling loved and appreciated. 

Speaking of miracles, in 2007, I moved to Tybee.  I walked by the Hunter House (as it was then known) at least twice a day.  Each time I felt that old house was calling my name.  In fact, I told my friends and family that I could hear her calling me.  Then I made a crazy offer, falling on my knees and asking God if it was the next step in my journey.  Not a lot of money, yet a hard worker and a person with sheer determination.  My offer was accepted and the restoration began.  I felt that as long as loving and living was the cornerstone of my business, it would work! 

Ten years later, yes, it has been an enormous amount of work.  Did I question myself?  Yes, I did, but God did not and it has been a blessing to me and many others.  From the new lifelong friends I’ve met to the old friends, I’ve shared my dreams and goals with; long talks on the porch and lots of laughter and tears.  Miracles keep happening one happy guest at a time. 



A Dogs Eye View - Beachview Bed & Breakfast - Plus, a whole lot more

Beachview Bed & Breakfast - Plus, a whole lot more

I got lucky enough to be able to move into Beachview Bed & Breakfast earlier this year. What an absolute treat! Located one block from the ocean, this sprawling, beautiful property is perfect for me and my parents! Did I mention yet that I am a dog? My name is Zoe and I am living the dream!

Like I said, I moved in earlier this year and it has been strange times. People wearing masks and behaving weirdly. At this new yellow building, mom and dad cleaned everything from top to bottom and that was a job! They have _____ rooms here, plus the main building kitchen plus the coffee shop plus the new sauna!! I went everywhere with them and watched. When I got bored, I jumped into the pool when no one was looking!

Now everyone is very clean and they stay away from each other. Well, kind of. They stand apart and talk loud. I don’t mind so much as long as I get treat treats! Well, that and long walks. Those are my favorites!

I love hanging out at the coffee shop. Mom calls it Java & Juice. I call it Yum Town because Kathy and Kevin feed me little bits of quiche and sausage gravy-covered biscuits when no one is looking. I’m interested in the pretty bottles behind the bar, but no one will let me get into those … yet.

Yesterday, after breakfast, we took the bikes out and rode around Tybee Town. I love love this place!! It’s all very fun, beachy and postcardy! Mom and Dad stopped at a place where I got to sit and watch the people walk by. Talk about a parade of fun characters! When we got home, mom wanted to sit in the sauna. I don’t really care for that, but I hear our visitors love it.

Now, we do get visitors. Every day it seems like someone different is coming and going. Sometimes I see and sniff the same person for a couple of days. Everyone is very nice and tell me how pretty I am and what a good girl I am. I am a good girl too!

November, 2020:

So yesterday, a couple came and had some kind of party. The girl was wearing white and there were flowers everywhere! It was so pretty and the people were all smiling and taking pictures with their hand boxes. The weather was perfect and I saw smiles everywhere I went! Mom and Wendy were very busy running around checking on things and making sure everything went perfect!!! I barked laughed at them because they were running faster than me! I like Wendy very much. She is Mom’s right hand daughter and is fun to hang out with. She also gives me treat treats when no one is looking. I should be fatter, but with all my walking and running around I keep pretty fit!

I overheard mom talking to dad about another small party tomorrow! I’m super excited because everyone loves to see and talk to me! It’s also still very warm here and when no one is looking, I’m gonna jump in the pool! I will let you know if I get caught …

Welcome to Beachview and my new blog!

Beachview Bed & Breakfast

Beachview Inn & Spa

Java & Juice - The Sauna


Welcome to Beachview and my new blog! I’m Karen and you are about to be introduced to my family! A vast array of characters that make me smile every day! We don’t run your ordinary bed and breakfast/coffee stand/hot rock situation! Not only do we offer a variety of packages to ensure a good time from couples to singles, you literally do not have to leave the property for anything. It’s an all-inclusive baby!! Let me start you off with the guts of it all before we head into the day-to-day good times that is living on Tybee and owning a place where people spend the night and hang out with you.

To get the boring but necessary bits out of the way, we are above and beyond Covid clean! We have bleached, scrubbed, cleaned with some clean on top of some more clean every square inch of this entire property. From the flower pots to the baseboards, you are not catching anything but a buzz and a good time here!

We offer a fantastic property dwelling experience! Located literally one block from the beach, our rooms offer every amenity. From the bed linens, which are superb, to the hand-made soaps in each en suite bathroom, to the antique handpicked quality furnishings in each and every room to the overall feel of just luxurious abandon. If you can bring yourself to crawl out of your billion count linens, you simply need to slope down the steps to Java & Juice. Is it cocktail time or is it coffee time? You know what we say, “Coffee until Cocktails” and that is true and true! Not in the mood for breakfast? Grab a beach chair and head to the beach. Take a book with you. Not your thing either, go directly to the Salt Room and just chill. Want more action? Head downtown, all of 30 seconds away, and get your fill of fun characters and island vibes! Don’t want to talk to anyone? Grab a cruiser and hit the streets! The awesome thing about our location is we are seconds from everything, but quietly far from anything.

Yesterday …

We had a fantastic wedding party! Even in November, the weather here is just amazing and we are so blessed to be smack dab in the middle of such a wonderful area! The bride was stunning and as she walked down the path to greet her future, I couldn’t help but hug my husband by my side and treasure this moment. That was my only quite moment! Weddings are a big thing around here and I want everything to be absolute perfection! From the food to the weather to the flowers!

I don’t know how I live without my daughter, Wendy, who is really the backbone of the operation. That and she has my grandchildren so, you know what grandkids do to grandparents? Wrap them around every little tiny digit they have! So, Wendy is running around behind the wedding scene and I have Kathy and Kevin in the kitchen. They are my saviors too! Running Java & Juice like a well-oiled machine, with delicious breakfasts that are perfect and everything is running smoothly.... until Frank. My husband! I love that man, but I tell you now, he never puts enough gravy on the biscuits!!!

Christmas at Beachview

Christmas at Beachview

More accurately...Christmas at Beachview is the whole SEASON.  It starts, unofficially anyway, the day after Halloween...November 1st, and runs through the Epiphany.  This year, it started a few days behind schedule, as we had the most beautiful wedding last weekend, and we were not entirely certain that our bride would have shared the same yuletide enthusiasm.

Spend just a few minutes with Karen, our amazing innkeeper with unlimited energy, and she will happily draw you the “correct” calendar for Christmas.   She decorates no less than 13 individual trees, porches, mantles, guest rooms, outside spaces, trees, doorways, etc. at the inn and spa, PLUS replicates the same in her personal homes both here and in North Carolina.

The Process!

The process is a labor of love, mostly shouldered by Karen, with help of some key elves, and involves humping countless plastic totes, bags, garland, lights and drop cords, mostly all of which are stored in the third floor of the inn.  Karen does most of the decorating herself, as she seems to be the only one who can “fluff” the trees just right.  Wendy handles the majority of the outside embellishments, which usually involves a LOT of lights (and accompanying frustrations therein) and zip ties.  Frank handles...well, just about everything else!

Christmas Memories

Of all these ornamentations, one of the most fundamentally meaningful is the Christmas tree that occupies (literally) the center hallway of the main inn. There is nothing remarkable about the tree itself, although bedecked with at least a thousand white lights. When you take a closer look, however, you will see decades of history, in the form of globes, angels, and ornaments, nestled within its branches.  Karen has been “collecting” these memories over the years and hangs each one, each year, in the most special place. And as she does, she recalls the memory or the meaning it represents, sometimes with sadness of someone who is no longer with us, sometimes of the time or place from which it was obtained or the event that it commemorates.

I'm willing to bet that this process happens in your homes as well...whether it's that hand made macaroni angel your child made in second grade, or that crystal dove your mama gave you on your first Christmas in your new home, each represents something special.  And, when you think about it, isn't that the most beautiful reason to decorate?

So, as each one of you drags out those boxes and bags this season, we at Beachview wish you the most happy decorating experiences as you submerse yourselves in your memories and the love therein that is represented in those baubles you will hang from branches or prop on your mantle.  And please do stop by the Beachview Inn and Spa and experience the love, beauty and our version of Christmas this year.

Make Plans to Visit!

We would love to see you this Christmas Season!  Book online here or call us at 912-786-5500!

Social Distance Experiences on Tybee Island!

Why Beachview?

Beachview Inn and Spa is your perfect location for Social Distance vacation.  


Just 12 miles from Savannah, Georgia and on the South End of Tybee Island, just before the tip where Highway 80 ends and the water begins, you will find a little Inn called Beachview.  Beachview Inn & Spa has 14 guest rooms that each boast their own unique charm and offer social distance opportunities.  


At this piece of paradise, we provide everything needed to relax, retreat, recharge and reconnect, all while experiencing a wonderful social distance vacation.  A family owned business, Beachview has a hands on staff that is here to serve your needs and loves to help create amazing Tybee experiences.  

  • Private Rooms: most with private porches, too! 
  • Private Bathrooms (in every room) 
  • Separate entrances (so once you check in its your room) 
  • Short walk to several secluded beaches  
  • Our cleaning standards are (always have been!) far above the CDC guidelines.  We clean vents and baseboards every time and we mop on our knees...barefoot floors! 



Some of our many amenities include: 

  • Homemade, wholesome, made to order breakfast and coffees each morning of your stay.  When staying with us at Beachview Inn and Spa, we provide a Homemade Breakfast each morning.  No matter your style, allergies, etc., we provide a wonderful breakfast custom made for you! 
  • Bicycles 
  • Beach chairs 
  • Beach Towels 
  • Small coolers for the beach 
  • Bottled water 
  • Beautifully appointed rooms and luxury linens 


Tybee Salt Spa 

In 2020 Beachview added a Spa.  During your stay with us, we invite you to take time to experience and enjoy our Spa and new Spa amenities. Now you can book your massage either in our Spa room with state-of-the-art Massage Beds or we can bring the massage to your room.  Your Spa treatment grants you access to our amenities including: 

  • Steam Room 
  • Sauna 
  • Salt Room 
  •  And, coming in 2021, we will be adding a soaking pool and jacuzzi.   


Our Spa is open to those without a scheduled treatment thru a Day Pass, when available.  Day passes may be purchased online at time of making your room reservation or at our Spa any time after 9am. For a limited time, our Day Pass is only $49.95 per person. 


It's time to book Now! 

Winter Rates are much lower than Summer and the Beach is still beautiful.  During the winter you can hear the ocean all over the island because the air conditioners have been switched off!  Book your stay today!!  What’s the best way to book?  You can book online- click here- or give us a call at 912-786-5500! 

How Covid 19 is affecting Beachview

Beachview is ready and looking forward to opening our doors to our return guest family and new family this summer!  When it is time... we will be open and ready for each of you!

The majority of our guest rooms are set up with social distancing in mind!  Our guest suites have private bathrooms and sitting areas.  Most of the rooms have private outdoor entrances, as well.  We will be offering social distancing options by encouraging breakfast in bed, limited housekeeping during stay, etc.  We hope that the beaches and restaurants will be opening in May, as well, though haven't heard official details.

We've maintained high cleaning standards since we opened in 2012.  Our rooms are stripped and cleaned from ceiling fan to baseboards after ever check out.  We mop out on our hands and knees ensuring that the rooms is germ-free, dust-free, and squeaky clean for each check in!  Our linens are top of the line and changed between each reservation.

Starting in June, the Tybee Salt Spa will be open and guests will be able to visit our steam room and sauna areas!  We have a beautiful steam room plus a dry sauna and infrared sauna!  There is also a salt room and guest our able to visit with a discounted admission price ;).

Beachview would make a great social distancing location with our private porches for guest to lounge!  We have bikes available for island rides and Tybee offers plenty of sunshine for an afternoon nap ;).

Check out this article from Fox28 on Beachview and the effects of COVID19.


Our plan is to open May 1st- depending on advice from city and state officials- and we are looking forward to your visit!!

Five Ways to Escape the Summer Heat!

Summer’s in the Low Country our hot!! Here are my five favorite ways to beat the summer heat!!

1. Catch a movie matinee or concert at the Tybee Post Theater.  Our charming 1930’s theater was built for soldiers at Fort Screven. It is the best place to escape the August heat! Besides the musical and movie lineups- the theater also boasts a full-service bar and snack stand. Check out Tybee Post Theater for a detailed schedule of events for couples and families!

2. My favorite way to spend a hot summer afternoon is reading a good book! All nine guest rooms provide comfy sitting chairs and excellent air condition for guests to enjoy an afternoon inside. Most rooms at the Beachview have a handful of books for share!! However, Tybee Island has a quaint library for visitors to view books and find comfy chairs to enjoy!! Click here for more information.

3. Embrace the heat and take a bike ride across the island and allow the ocean breeze to cool you off as you experience Tybee Island like a local! A stay at Beachview offers yellow beach cruisers for your enjoyment.

4. Our 100 plus-year-old house was built when Tybee Island was enjoyed without the comforts of air condition. It is hard to imagine.  Builders understood how to build verandas that captured ocean breezes!!  This allowed locals to enjoy the island before air condition- even with the heat!  Enjoy our historical veranda with a tall glass of lemonade or rum punch with a slice of homemade pound cake or chocolate chip cookie!

5. Our small island boasts several educational museums for visitors to enjoy.  Our lighthouse is the tallest and oldest in the state of Georgia and boasts three complete light-keeper cottages for visitors to enjoy. Admission to the Tybee Island Lighthouse also gains entry into the Tybee Island Museum that is located in a military battery.  The third local museum for visitors to enjoy is the Tybee Island Marine Science Center located near the pier.  The Marine Science Center has activities year-round for visitors to enjoy Georgia’s marine life including ocean tours, a center with marine life, and gift shop.

No matter the temperature- Tybee Island and Beachview Bed and Breakfast- offers the best location and lodging amenities for a relaxing beach vacation!! Our nine rooms are the cleanest on the island and include a full breakfast, snacks, bikes, beach supplies, and so much more!! It’s time to book your August 2017 stay at Beachview!